World Autism Day

Yesterday was World Autism Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the prevalent developmental disorder that affects as many as 1 in 88 kids.  Many people wore the color blue to show their support of their friends and family with autism.

Jayce, however, wore his orange Clemson t-shirt. When his therapist asked why he wasn't wearing blue he said, "I just forgot."

"Well, do you know why everyone else is wearing blue today?"

"Yeah... its Blue Awareness Day!"

And on that note, you can find Jayce's story over on my friend Allison's blog Having a Fields Day. 

Allison will be featuring information and guest posts throughout the entire month to help raise awareness of autism.

I've always found it very fitting that Jayce was diagnosed in the month of April, just a few weeks before his April 28th birthday. We certainly celebrate our special little boy all month long :)


  1. Love his "Blue Awareness Day" comment. A friend of mine from high school writes a wonderful blog on autism. Google moose mom.


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