I've been interested in the art of photography ever since high school but was never very good at it!

My interest level jumped even higher when I started following local bands around the South in 1998. My little point and shoot film camera was no match for low light conditions in bars and clubs.

A graduation present from my dad and stepmom would soon change that! In 2001, I was given a Canon Rebel 2000 35mm camera with a kit lens.

Now, I quickly learned that having a good camera did NOT make you a good photographer! But it sure was fun to practice!

I used my film camera primarily up until my son was 7 months old (in 2005) until I joined a bunch of internet boards and forums. A film camera doesn't do much good in the internet world without a good quality scanner (which we didn't have!). So we purchased a Canon Powershot A130. It was a good little camera and served its purpose well.

Reading the manual was finally what I did. And I started caring much more about my photos. I experimented with different modes and settings. The delete button was my best friend!

In May of 2007, I bought my current DSLR. After much research and worrying, I chose the Canon Rebel XTi for its price. We were using stimulus money that we didn't need to put towards anything else. I was lucky to upgrade my body to a used Canon 50D and just recently purchased a brand new Canon 6D.

I use the following lenses:
Canon 85mm f/1.8
Sigma 55mm f/1.4
Canon 24mm f/2.8

I'm hoping for the Sigma Art 35mm. Maybe one day!

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