So, I'm new at this

But it seems as though everyone else is doing it! And what a great way for friends and family to see recent pictures of the kids!

The kids keep changing every day! I know moms have warned me time and time again that this time goes by so quickly, but I didn't realize just *how* quickly it goes.

I registered Jaina for k-4 at Covenant Child Development Center. She loves preschool and its been so good for her. After that one little boy left a few weeks ago, Jaina has gotten a sticker every single day! I am worried, a little, about her letter recognition. Jaina seems to enjoy the crafts and social time in preschool more than the academics. But, I figure she has tons of time to learn her alphabet! She's only 3!

Jayce is almost 10 months old!! Can you believe it? He is so different than Jaina! First of all, he was such a quiet, content infant. Then all of a sudden, its like he "woke up!" He is into everything! Pulling magazines off the book shelf. Eating the dog food. Ripping up paper. You name it! He tries it!


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