Boy have we been busy!!!

So, it sounded like a good idea when we decided to put our house on the market. That was until we started doing the work to fix up our house! According to most realtors, if you are going to sell a not-so-new house in an area that is filled with new construction, you need to make your house feel like it is new. So, Brian pressure washed the house and the deck. The carpets will be professionally cleaned tomorrow. We stripped the ugly wallpaper in our bathroom and repainted. We painted the computer room and the kitchen under the chair rail. We got a new comforter for our bed. And new art for our living room. Now I am currently working on the Kids' room. Its so sad to see the hard work my mom and I did in their colorful room get covered up :(

We hope to officially list our house by the beginning of next week. Wish us luck!


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