Easter 2007

Easter 2007

Tradition says in our house that we must go down to Atlanta and spend it with the grandparents. Unfortunately, Daddy is very anti-easter (except for the chocolate bunnies of course!), so we have not celebrated another Easter in our home since Jaina's first Easter at 10 months old.

We had a fun time as usual. It was special this Easter visit because my Grandma Staska (Great-grandma Elsie, as she is called by Jaina) was staying with my parents. Growing up I was very close to my Grandmother, even though she had over 20 grandchildren!

The kids enjoyed playing the piano. As a former pianist myself, I have high hopes that both kids will have the desire to learn to play. But we need a piano first! And first we have to move!

Jayce was such a cutie in his Easter outfit! I looked for weeks to find him a matching shirt/vest that would go with Jaina's dress. I totally lucked out when I found his combo for $4 at a consignment sale!

href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_sa-U46Dmn8I/RiDgwq2VmpI/AAAAAAAAAHA/2NV4G6GlQi4/s1600-h/jaina.jpg"> Jaina was a bit wild this trip. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep, no nap, or the fact that it was freezing cold the entire weekend which kept us indoors, but man alive, she was hard to handle. I think I need a vacation from our vacation to Georgia!

It was super cute seeing how much Jayce loves his grandpa. Jayce has extreme stranger anxiety and typically doesn't like anyone but me, his dad, or his Grandma Gray. But he some how remembers his grandparents and his Aunt in Atlanta enough to feel right at ease.

Not to be outdone, we had to have a picture with Jaina and her grandpa :)

Jaina adored her Great-grandma Elsie. Grandma Staska was amused by Jaina's activeness, toys, and kiddie shows on TV. Jaina had lots of hugs for her.


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