Spring Break 2016

We had a low key Spring Break here at home. It was more of a "staycation" than a "vacation" and I think the kids were okay with it.

Our first stop: A local dairy farm called The Happy Cow Creamery

This was technically just an activity for Jocelyn with my local MOMS Club, but the big kids decided to come along, too.

Jaina taught Jocelyn how to take teenage selfies while waiting for the tour to start.

Jayce actually loved the tour! He was probably the most excited one to be there. He asked a ton of questions about the cows and how the dairy operates.

The dairy let us sample some milk that came straight from their cows (after being pasteurized but not homogenized ).

Jocelyn is a milk snob. She will only drink (and I mean ONLY) Horizons Organic Whole milk or Lactaid Lactose free whole milk. No other milk brand will do. This is how she felt when she got her sample:

Then we got ice cream! It was SOO good! Actually, the milk was really good, too, and I don't even like to drink milk!

I know Jaina was super bored hanging out with all the little kids but she was a trooper and super helpful :) She watched Jocelyn while I took Jayce to the van because he was scared of the bees and wasps around.

We stopped at the farmer's market on the premises and purchased some veggies, milk, and habenero pepper cheese for Brian.

On Tuesday we went to Chuck E. Cheese with Daddy, the mall play area, and to see Zootopia with Grandma.

Zootopia was great, by the way! I just love Disney movies! Jocelyn fell asleep during the movie, though, and Jayce had a major freakout as we were leaving. He insisted he was going to walk home. I am still not sure what set him off!

We played Mini golf and laser tag on Wednesday:

There might have been a disagreement over Jayce's score keeping...

I had an MRI on thursday at the hospital so we didn't end up doing anything fun. Instead, we packed for our trip to Tucker, GA.

We got in town in time to see a showing of The Labyrinth at the Center for Puppetry Arts with Aunt Jami.

Funny story...

When Jami first saw the event advertised on FB, she tagged me in the post and said we should get tickets. We both LOVE the movie and since David Bowie had just passed away, we thought it would be awesome to see a puppet show version of the story.

Tickets for the first two shows sold out immediately. Jami stalked the box office at noon on a saturday in March to get us tickets to the third show.

So, we take pictures in Jareth's throne and the kids tour the puppet museum with Aunt Jami while I stood in line to get sodas for the kids.

Then we found our seats and waited for the puppet show.

But instead, the movie started playing. We thought maybe this was part of the puppet show? The movie starts and sets the scene for the puppets to come out.

Except the puppets never came out. I grabbed my phone to look at the FB event a little closer.

"Join us for a showing of The Labryinth" and in tiny letters above was the word "Film".

To say that Jocelyn was disappointed was an understatement. "Mommy, when are the puppets coming out? This movie is boring!"

And to make matters worse, Jayce started feeling sick during the movie. We still had to find somewhere to eat dinner after the show, too. And we had to park 3 blocks away in Downtown ATL because we didn't know there was parking on site. But I have to admit that everyone was pretty good natured about the mix up and all the walking.

The next day we visited with my brothers Jeremy and Jason since they came in for the weekend, too. And we saw Jeff :)

Pictures from my parents' house:

Grandma Kim found a special piglet blanket just for her favorite granddaughter.

We went with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Pam to play more laser tag. This one was SO much better than the one in Spartanburg!

The weather was gorgeous even if it was a bit chilly. Jocelyn and Jayce played outside in the back yard a lot. My parent's yard is awesome.

Jo Jo the German Shorthair Pointer went from an active hunting dog to a house pet. She loves her belly to be rubbed.

My mom wanted a picture of her three boys together. They were cooperative for me :)

That's Jeremy, Jason, and Jeff (left to right). I guess I should have put Jeff in the middle since he's technically the middle child :)

We all ate casually on paper plates in the den for most of the visit but Jocelyn wanted to be proper and eat in the dining room.

Their backyard is so pretty in the spring.

And their front yard, too.

Jocelyn decided it was warm enough to color chalk. It lasted 10 minutes, tops. It really was cold!

Nothing a warm bath can't cure, though. She gets to play with Aunt Jami's old Lion King plastic figures.

This is the first time Jocelyn has stayed over at Aunt Jami's house. She was trying to wake Jaina up and couldn't understand why her big sister was still sleeping.

We left Tucker by lunch time on Sunday (See my 10 on 10 post for our day) and relaxed as much as we could before the alarm chimed bright and early on Monday morning.

6 more weeks... 6 more weeks... we can do this.


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