Mixed Martial Arts

After 7 seasons total, spanning from Spring 2012 to Fall 2016, Jayce has decided to end his baseball playing days.

It wasn't an easy decision at all. Lots of factors went into it. The number one reason is that baseball is pretty time consuming with either 2 practices or 2 games each week for 8-10 weeks. Sometimes our games didn't start until 7:30 and were 30 minutes away. It was a big commitment, one that we were happy to make, as long as Jayce was happy, too. Although he LOVED his coaches and made many friends with his teammates, he didn't really *love* the game. It was time to try something new.

His good friends Hayden and Jordan have been taking karate for years and have often told Jayce how much they thought he'd enjoy it. I finally took Jayce to his two free lessons at a mixed martial arts gym. He signed up after the 2nd lesson.

I was surprised that Jayce was comfortable putting his hands, face, and body in a stranger's space. He wouldn't say it was very comfortable at first, but he's okay with it now.

He was so excited the next class to wear his brand new uniform. He couldn't wait to get his first belt!

And of course Jocelyn is all about "monkey see, monkey do" and decided that SHE wanted to do karate, too.

The best part is that the gym is very close to our house so it takes almost no time at all to run up there every day. Jocelyn's class is two days a week and Jayce's class is on a different two days a week. But the beginner coach allows Jayce to train with the intermediate class as well during Jocelyn's beginner class. So, technically, Jayce gets 4 lessons a week. I like that they found something to do together.

After about 8 lessons, the coach decided it was time to award both Jayce and Jocelyn their belts.

Jayce let me take his picture at home but Jocelyn refused. She's fickle about pictures lately.

I'm trying to get Jaina to attend a free trial class to see if she likes it. We'll see if she'll do it!


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