April Ten on 10 :: Monday after Spring Break

I still love participating in these self-challenges because it forces me to pick up my "big girl camera" at least once a month and capture our day, no matter how mundane.

April 10th wasn't anything to write home about, but we managed to find some beauty in our day.

Little Miss likes to pick out her own clothes now and get dressed completely by herself.

This shirt used to belong to Jaina. That's a Wired Hair Fox terrier design that Grandma ironed on 10 years ago.

I'm currently binge watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel together at the same time. I usually watch on my phone while I edit pictures, fold laundry, or cook dinner. 

I haven't had a regular soda in over a month. All I drink now is water at home and an occasional diet soda (yuck!) when we are out to eat.

A quick shower before heading out to pick up Jocelyn from preschool

We met some friends at a local park after preschool.

We only stayed an hour due to Jocelyn's complaint of "being so hot I could die!" despite the 74 degree temperature and a beautiful breeze.

 She much preferred coloring inside when we got home.

Then we got the big kids from school.

Homework time.

Both Jocelyn and Jayce had Karate that day. They worked on kicking targets in their separate classes.

Even though Jayce's bee anxiety is very strong, he wanted to join his sisters in a little drive way scooter riding while I cooked dinner.

It was quite a normal day, but still a good one :)


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