Traditional Tie-dye Day

So, back in 2011, I let Jaina and Jayce tie-dye shirts at home on Memorial Day. And thus the Memorial Day Tie-Dyeing tradition was born. Our neighbor Kelsey gets in on the action now, too!

Although we managed to tie-dye our shirts on Memorial day, we didn't actually get a chance to wear them all until this evening. I've noticed its harder and harder to get the family together at home at the same time as the kids get older.

This years shirts were kind of a fail. I didn't buy 100% cotton. And I thought we could get away with using old dye that was mixed up last year and stored in our garage. Pro Tip: You can't. Buy new dye if you are using the powdered kind. The liquid RIT worked fine, but it's much messier. I much prefer the kits of pre-measured powder in a squirt bottle. You can get a kit at Wal-Mart for $20.

 There were  a couple of hornets hanging around outside the garage so Jayce refused to come outside to do his shirt.

Each one of us used the color yellow from last year. And each of our shirts had the yellow wash completely out. And I even soaked the shirts in soda ash first!

Finished Shirts:

And pictures from tonight:

I think Kelsey's came out the best :) I tried to talk Jocelyn out of using black dye (which promptly turned gray of course), but she wasn't having it. And Jaina's shirt would have looked so good with the pink, orange, and coral if the yellow had stayed in, too.

We'll do better next year :)


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