Summer Fun 2017

We've crammed a lot of fun into our Summer so far and I cannot believe it's already the middle of July! School will start in about a month. I definitely have mixed feelings about that!

Here's what we've been up to:

Jayce moved up to the bonus room so he could have some private space all to himself. He loves his new Captain's Day bed!

We've been hanging out with our friends every Friday afternoon for a Happy Hour event. It's the best way to spend our time together after a long week home with the kids.

We also went to the Upstate Children's Museum:

Then the girls and I went to Tucker, GA to visit Grandma Kim and Aunt Jami. We had a blast! Here's what their newly decorated house looks like:

 Then we went to Kings Mountain, NC to the Lake.

And most recently, we all dressed up like cows on Cow Appreciation day and ate some chicken! (Granted, it was homophobic chicken, but damn does it taste good!)

I haven't dragged my DSLR out too much this Summer so here's a bunch of phone pics since I haven't done a dump in forever!

We've been swimming with friends a lot this summer!

Jocelyn has struggled to find her place in the family this summer for sure. She wants to be included, but big brother and big sister have had other plans. I caught a quick moment between these two :)

We're still doing karate 2 times a week. Jayce has his yellow belt and Jocelyn has just been promoted to orange stripe!

Jayce did a 3 day computer camp that he loved:

And while he was at camp, THIS happened:

It's just her beginner's permit. So far she's had two driving lessons.

Jocelyn has been obsessed with Five Nights at Freddy's. She doesn't play the game a whole lot, but she loves the stuffed animals and watching music videos on You Tube.

My zinnias have been so happy with all the rain we've had!

With Jayce out of the room downstairs, we totally made it into a lavender haven for Jocelyn!

This post is getting way too long so I'll blog about Carowinds and our beach trip next!


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