Fall 2018 :: Walnut Grove Plantation

Our calendars told us it was Fall and the start of festival season, but the weather said otherwise. It was close to 90 degrees the first weekend in October! Brian and Jayce were sweltering in Charleston, SC for an All State chorus performance so I took the girls to FestiFall at Walnut Grove Plantation.

First stop was the tent full of animal furs. Jocelyn felt bad that the animals weren't alive anymore. It was a good time for a discussion about hunting and what people used the fur for a long time ago. Jocelyn guessed all the animals correctly, too. 

Then the girls got caught up in this hoop game and wanted to try it. After a quick lesson, the girls were ready to try it on their own. (and we ended up buying a set!)

It was hard to pull the girls away from the game! They played for a good 45 minutes!

Then we went to look at the bunnies and chicks. It was so hot and the poor bunnies were obviously affected by the heat.

Jocelyn has made a candle before and decided to make a really thick candle this time. There was no line so it went really quickly!

After her candle was made, Jocelyn sat down on this stone slab to complete some answers on the scavenger hunt. Unfortunately there was an ant hill near by and she got bitten pretty badly. We were kind of done after that.

I'm glad we got to go this year! We missed having the boys with us, though.


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