Plugging Along

We've had some pretty good days around home lately.

Jayce is caught up on missing school work!!

Jaina's unemployment claim finally allowed me to submit it after trying for over 30 days! She was deemed ineligible, but her boss from the restaurant is going to work on that. I sure do like having her home all the time, but she misses being able to go and do whatever she wants (i.e. get fast food once a day and go to TJ Maxx :P ) She finally finished cleaning her room, too.



Jocelyn got to see her friends from a safe distance the other day!

I got to partcipate in a fun birthday parade for my dear friend Jenn!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we played outside a lot :)

Spaz was a very willing bearded dragon model. You think there's a market for reptile pet photography?

By the way, we think he's officially a "he". It was kind of hard to tell with the flashlight test, but we clearly saw two bulges, not one.

Jaina, Shaggy, and I got to see Grandma (again, from a safe distance)

The girls decided to paint rubbermaid bins to make them into permanent recycling bins for us. They did a great job!

The only negative to our week is that we are worried about Sam the Hamster. Not sure if his nails are just too long (I didn't even know this was a thing) or if his paws are actually damaged. He can't climb up to the top of his cage to get food and water, so we've moved everything down to the bottom for now. Hopefully they will heal and he'll be okay. The internet tells me I need to take him to a vet, but I can't bring myself to take a hamster to the vet during the pandemic. It's not an emergency right now.

I've also balanced my budget and managed to stay under. Whew! Just barely, but I made it. I've spent almost $1,000 on groceries this month and I'll have to shop again before the month is over. We also have Jayce's birthday coming up and I have money set aside for his birthday cake and mexican take out meal.

Not too shabby for another week in a crappy situation!


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