New School Year for Everyone!

 Working full time this Summer kicked my parenting butt. Yet, I think it was good for my teens to have a little independence. A couple times I even came home to an entirely clean house! I loved having Jocelyn go with me to camp, though. 

And now we find ourselves a few weeks into another school year. This one looks SO different for our family. Jaina is back at the local community college. She has 3 online classes and one in-person class (a chemistry lab). Jayce is 100% virtual using Apex online. Jocelyn is 100% with Edmentum and boy has that given us challenges. And I'm back at the preschool again, but this time 5 days a week.

I still made them pose for "Back to School" pictures because it's still a milestone, no matter where they do school. 

(Don't worry, we got Jayce's Covid hair cut a few days later!)

I absolutely LOVE my toddler class this year. I'm back co-teaching with Ms. Celeste and we work well together as a team!

The preschool I work for is taking every precaution to keep us, and all the kids, safe. Jayce's school is at half capacity right now and they've managed to only have a handful of positive cases (today, they are reporting 4) in the entire school, which is HUGE, since he's now at the Senior High School campus. If they continue to have low numbers, he'll go back to school face-to-face in January for 2nd semester. Unfortunately, Jocelyn's elementary school is not requiring masks inside the classroom nor are they socially distancing, so I'm not sure when I'll feel comfortable sending her back. Right now I have the luxury of leaving Jocelyn home in the mornings while I work with her brother and sister. If Jayce goes back to school in January, she would just be home with Jaina, but I don't know what her schedule will be like after Christmas. I guess we'll continue to play it by ear. 

All in all, life is pretty good! Still no update on the divorce. We continue to be in a holding pattern, but hopefully not much longer!


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