Friday Phone Dump (a day late)

 Just some randomness from the last week...

My neighbor Kristina has gotten me addicted to the show Vampire Diaries. I was pretty sure I had a copy of the book that inspired the series. I do! I just haven't read it yet.

Jayce is back on a Monopoly kick!

Picked out our outfits for Fall Family Pictures with Rebecca! My kids prefer black... what can I do?

LOVED this book! I love almost everything this man writes!

Not only do I wear a mask willingly everyday, but I also try my best to color coordinate with my outfit! Is it sad that kids' sizes fit me?

Two of my sweet toddler students out in a wagon ride.

This plant was given to me by Camp's mom on the last day of preschool last year (during covid when we weren't actually in school). Not only have I not killed it, but it's flourished! 

Another great book!

My Spaz

I'm super proud of my bulletin boards at school!

I've had a craptastic weekend (see pic below) but finding this JLC sticker in my glove compartment was definitely the highlight of my day!

So my ceiling fan decided to short out, cause a burning smell, and then tried to kill me.

And that was my week in a nutshell. I'm drinking a well deserved glass of wine.


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