Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring has Sprung!

My goal is to blog 3 times a week this Summer and catch up on all the happenings from this Spring. But until then, just bare with me as I find time to blog.

I've been busy, oh so busy, with photographing other people's families that I barely have time for my own. Throw in a reluctant tween, a vain teenager who only likes 1 out of every 200 pictures of herself, and a over posing preschooler and it's not like I have lots of pictures to choose from, either. I'm a little worried about how my 2018 calendar is going to look, to be honest!

It's been a fun, busy, cold Spring season but I've been lucky to have amazing clients with smiling kids!

Since I obviously can't get my own kids to engage and smile for me, I'm hiring the amazing Jen Conway (who took our Fall pictures) again for Walker Family Spring pictures. This time it will just be the kids and my mom in them. Brian only does one shoot a year and I choose to make that one our Christmas card :)

Here's all I have been able to grab from my kids with my cell phone:

And there almost all of Jocelyn!

Jaina spends her days in her room face timing friends (female ones for now!) and watching Anime. And listening to japanese music.

Jayce and Jocelyn started karate. They love it!

Jocelyn has learned how to completely undress and dress all by herself. She changes outfits 3 times a day, just like I did and Jaina did, too. :)

I'm looking forward to Easter this year and am on the search for coordinating clothes :)

And that's all, folks!

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day 2017

If you dig deep into my maternal grandfather's side of the family, you'll find some Irish around there somewhere. That's good enough for us to celebrate this pseudo-holiday-turned-excuse-to-drink in our family.

But I'm currently counting my calories, so no mixed drinks for me! And Brian is having a non-green beer as I type this. Looks like only Piglet had fun at the pub today.

Or something like that.

At least we have a cute little kid to wear green with!

Although the big kids had a free dress day at their uniformed charter school, Jaina was a spoilsport and didn't even attempt to wear green today.

Jayce picked out his old Green Lantern shirt that he made Brian buy him all the way back in 2011. It was worn as a night shirt back then because it was huge. It fits him now!

Wasn't he stinkin' cute??

Jocelyn had fun at preschool today when a mischievous leprechaun visited their school and made a mess in Miss Lisa's classroom! Unfortunately, their traps didn't work so no one got to see him. But he left some chocolate gold coins, so it was okay :)

No family picture this year, but that's okay. :)

I listened to Jump, Little Children and ate Irish Stew from Costco. Those are *my* own personal traditions for St. Patrick's Day.

May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring in the Middle of Winter

So, February in South Carolina tends to be a bit finicky.

Thank goodness for Time Hop, which will let me know if I commented or took a picture of the weather on a particular day in the past. And I usually did.

Last year it was thunderstorms:

But the year before, it actually snowed!

And the year before, it was warm enough for outside sidewalk chalk.

And 8 years ago, it was freezing. Literally.

We've been cautiously enjoying this year's beautiful weather all while waiting for the other shoe to drop. We don't dare put away our boots, scarves, and long pajamas. That's a sure fire way to guarantee that it will freeze again, or even snow.

So we drag out our Spring/Summer clothing out of storage and wear lots and lots of layers that can be taken off as the temperature rises 30 degrees in 6 hours.

And we play outside. A lot :)

This Florida-born Summer-lovin' mom isn't complaining one bit :)