Monday, April 14, 2014

The Rest of Spring Break

Spring has certainly sprung in the South and I have the allergies to prove it!

We spent the rest of our Spring Break vacation in Tucker, GA visiting Grandpa Lee and Grandma Kim.

The dogwoods and azaleas were in high bloom. It was gorgeous for sure, but I could do without having a yellow van and itchy eyes!

Basically, Jocelyn played outside the entire time. The big kids were scarce for most of the trip. Jayce stayed on the computer and Jaina hung out across the street with Aunt Jami. And that, my dear friends, is why I had Jocelyn. I needed someone to be my willing model :)

We did go to Chuck E. Cheese with my brother Jeff and his wife Pam. It was much more crowded than our local one back home!

I photographed a friend's family at this really cool park. I couldn't wait to take my kids the next day! Except that Jayce was scared of bees and Jaina was not impressed at all with the playground. Oh well :)

And I caught a rare Goliath the Cat sighting on my camera. Goliath does not like company in his house. 

Aunt Jami bought Jocelyn a big Minnie Mouse to go with her Big Mickey at home. Oh yes, Jocelyn loved it.

I had this great vision of Jocelyn in her new bunny outfit with her baby bunny sitting in her lap next to the azaleas. Instead, we got Minnie Mouse photobombing our Easter pictures. Oh well!

We had a great trip over all! We hit the ground running with photo shoots and baseball and beta club and doctors appointments. I guess Spring break really is over.

Only 7 more weeks of school!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Spring Break: Special Days

Our past Spring Break vacations have been spent in a myriad of ways: going to visit friends, staying home for a "staycation", going to ATL to see family, etc.

We planned to do the same thing this time as well. However, our plans to visit friends fell through. The kids were pretty disappointed.

"Now what are we going to do all week?" bemoaned my almost 12 year old.

We were still planning on going to Atlanta to visit Grandma and Grandpa later in the week (which happens to be tomorrow as I'm writing this post), but we didn't have any back up plans for Monday-Wednesday.

Wait a minute... 3 days? And I have 3 kids? Perfect.

They each would get their own special day to choose our activities.

It went something like this:


Her first spa pedicure and she was hooked! Her best friend Eva came along for the adventure. Eva and Jaina have been friends since 3K.


Jocelyn started her day out watching her very first puppet show. She loved it! Then we played outside on the new playground at the library. The last picture is of Jaina and Ms. Kim, who was the storytime leader 12 years ago :) I have another picture of Jaina at age 8 months with her, but I have to go find it.


Jayce's friends Hayden and Jordan invited him to check out Gravitopia, the area's newest trampoline park. We let Grandma play with Jocelyn while the big kids jumped for two straight hours!

After nap time for the baby, Jayce decided he wanted to take his bike to ride at the park. So we did!

We've had a great start to our Spring Break :)