Thursday, January 12, 2017

10 on 10 :: January Snow Edition

We started our "snow" day with Mickey waffles for everyone! The nice thing about school being out is sleeping in and making a hot breakfast for the whole family.

I actually had time to fix my hair for once :)

Then Jocelyn and I attended a MOMS Club exec board meeting, where I am the secretary for the group. Normally Jocelyn doesn't attend these meetings with me, but she got to play with her other friends who were also home from school this day.

We were still there an hour later:

We left around noon to head home for lunch.

We had some great mail waiting for us when we got home! :) We've been waiting anxiously for these!!

Shaggy wasn't excited. All 3 kids were on their own computers. No one was paying a bit of attention to him.

Jocelyn played with all 4 of her Skye action figures from Paw Patrol.

It was freezing and I treated myself with a cup of hot chocolate. I've given up sweets for awhile in a quest to eat healthier, and a small cup of hot chocolate has way less sugar than cookies, candy, donuts, and soda... which I miss greatly.

This is literally where he spent all day. He's even still in his PJ's. My big kids are so busy during the school week with classes, homework, projects, and afterschool activities, that whenever they have a free day, I let them have it.

Let's see if I can accomplish posting each month this year :)

As always, I am linking up with the creator of 10 on 10
who has reminded us all to find the beauty in the every day

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Pre-Christmas 2016

I call the hustle and bustle of the month of December "pre-Christmas" since we do lots of Christmasy kinds of things, even when it's not quite Christmas yet.

Like parties:

And Gingerbread House building:

And baking cookies:

Yeah, so what if they're Pillsbury pre cut cookies? That's all this tired momma could manage.

And we went to see the holiday lights at Roper Mountain:

And Gingerbread Cookie Decorating:

Now, we waited too long in the season to buy pre-made ginger bread dough, so I ended up having to make my own. It was not as tasty at all. Next year, I'll be sure to buy it in early December!

Lastly, Jocelyn and I met our friends from MOMS Club at the Chick-fil-a in town to do a present exchange. Jocelyn received a Shopkins board game from her friend Gabby.

Next up, actual Christmas!! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Visiting Santa

One of the preschool traditions I love is visiting the Mall Santa as a class during a non-crowded time and then eating lunch afterwards. This is such a win-win! First of all, the kids get to visit Santa with no lines! And parents are allowed to take pictures with their own cameras (usually prohibited, but the preschool pays to allow this to happen). Then we all have lunch together as a class :)

The boys were a bit excited and rowdy at the prospect of being out of school!

The girls were much more mellow about it.

Jocelyn and that silly tight lipped smile she gives these days:

She's still cute!

She told Santa she wants a Zoomer Kitty and a Zoomer Skye.

And as a special treat, our Santa played Christmas carols on his banjo!

I can't wait to see the cute shirts they make next year :)