Friday, October 24, 2014

Fix It Friday: Little Red Wagon

Jocelyn and I happened to be playing outside in the crazy warm October sunshine during the golden hour last week. As soon as she climbed in the wagon, I went and grabbed my camera.

Oh, what a lovely red truck and my neighbor's house in the background!

As soon as I took these pictures, I immediately thought of my blogging friend Leesha (who I met through I Heart Faces). She is not only an amazing photographer with her camera, but also with her computer. She takes a simple photo, usually of her children playing, and turns it into an amazing creation of art. She blows me away with her editing ability.

She is hosting a new feature on her blog called Fix It Friday. If you love Before & After shots (and boy, do I do!), then this is the blog for you.

I submitted two photos of Jocelyn in the wagon and she was kind enough to edit them with her mad skills and feature them on her blog this week. You can find the post here.

Here is the SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot:

You'll have to go and check out her blog to see the After :) Its beyond amazing!

She is still looking for submissions for future posts so feel free to contact her at

As for me, I guess I'll just stick to what I'm good at in camera for now. But maybe one day I will learn to edit like Leesha :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Busy Season

Although I've been remiss in keeping up with taking photos of my own kids, my camera has not been idle.

Here's what I've been up to this past month:

And October isn't even over :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Here comes the sun

I don't *do* rain. There's a reason I don't live in the pacific northwest. I'm a Floridian all the way. I need my sun and hot temperatures and, yes, even humidity.

When it rains 3 days straight without the sun peaking through at all, I start to get a little moody.

Yet, when the sun does finally come out, all is right in the world.

We enjoyed the sun today and it was grand :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

From my Phone

The Fall Photography season has officially started and I am already completely booked as of last night, until Thanksgiving. This blows my mind. I have a great mixture of former clients and a few new ones I haven't met yet. This is going to be the best season ever!

But, because of this, my kids are going to get the shaft around here on this ol' blog. They'll be lucky if I even have the energy to pick up my camera phone to capture their cuteness.'

Here's what we've been up to around here...

We took Snoopy to Taco Bell with us. She barked and licked a lot.

We made a new friend a few weeks ago at our local library. After a couple of park days, we finally broke into the "I think you're normal enough to invite over to our home" territory. We were guests in their home first and we had a blast outside. I mean, purple sand?? Jocelyn is very disappointed that we do not have colored sand at our house.

The Tween graciously allowed me to take her picture while in the car line for early morning drop off. She is performing in the middle school All State honor chorus this weekend.

The third child has only had time for car naps this week. At this point, she's lucky she even gets a nap.

If we are home, she is wearing her costume.

Oh, and I have a son, too. He plays baseball a lot.

So, that's our life in a nutshell. Lots to do, lots to see... that's the Walker Way :)

Monday, October 06, 2014

FestiFall 2014

Jaina couldn't remember what FestiFall was, so I showed her pictures from previous years. Look at my 3 year old Jayce!! ( FestiFall 2008 ) He was so itty bitty!

We arrived just in time for lunch.

Yep, chips and sodas. Jocelyn and Jayce turned their heads up at the BBQ. Jaina bravely tried a bite of mine and ate about 1/2 of it. Brian is anti-beef and anti-pork, so he ate the beans and coleslaw. 

Oh, and Jaina ate an apple. At least that's healthy!

Do you see how my child is wearing something other than Minnie Mouse, Snoopy, or Adventure Time? Yeah. She cried. I'm a mean mom.

The first thing we did was try our hand at writing with  quill pens. It was not easy.

Then it was time to watch the reenactment. Its slightly different every year. This year, I was disappointed that there were no horses.

Jocelyn handled the loud guns very well.

Jayce was absolutely dying to make another candle. We only have about 2,000 in our kitchen drawer :) Or so it seems.

I got bored watching Jayce walk around waiting for his wax to dry, so I took a tour of the farm's kitchen. The girls and Brian were touring the big house at the time.

Then Jayce wanted to play with the old wooden games. He befriended a college senior (She was a Converse Red Devil!!!) and they played quite a bit! Jayce got pretty darn good at throwing and catching the hoops.

Before I even let my kids near the table with the toys and souvenirs, I insisted on a picture of them all together. I got one!!! :)

Jocelyn picked out a flute. No, that was not a great idea. She thinks she sounds great, though!

Jayce picked out a yo-yo. He really likes yo-yos. Unfortunately, he's not very good at them :)

Jaina somehow managed to get a t-shirt AND a necklace. Big kids are way more expensive.

Thanks, Jaina, for documenting the fact that Mommy was actually there, too!