Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Grade C

Well, looking back at our Summer, we definitely had some highs and lows. Yet, overall, I think we had fun.

We had 23 items on our bucket list. We completed all but 6 activities. That gives us a grade of 74.

That's a C.

My kids will tell you that a "C" is not an acceptable grade. It means you did "okay", but didn't "try your best" or display a "good understanding of the material."

Hopefully we'll get a better grade next Summer :)

Here's what we did:

Beach at Pawleys Island:



Water Parks:


Visit Grandpa:

Greenville Drive Game:

Children's Museum:

Take Shaggy to Paisley Paw:


Tutti Fruity:

Dollar Theatre:

Kings Mountain Lake:

Downtown Spartanburg:
Barnet Fountain:

Tyger River Fountain:

We didn't make it to IHOP, Century Park in Greer, Chimney Rock State Park, Lake Lure, Cobb's Creek Pool, or The Zoo.


We did a whole lotta other fun stuff like...

Making Perry Cupcakes:

Baseball camp:

Swinging outside:


The Mall:

Lake Wylie:

The Dog Park:

As crazy as this Summer was, we are all ready for Fall. The big kids love their new school and Jocelyn loves her new class at preschool. I'm hoping for a great school year :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Days of School

I'll go back and play catch up on the ol' blog here later this week, but for now, I want to remember Jaina and Jayce's first day at their new charter school! We took a leap of faith leaving a school district that we have been a part of for the last 9 years, but I think we made a good decision. This school has so much to offer our big kids and we will be excited to have Jocelyn join them in 1st grade.

Speaking of Jocelyn, she started preschool on Monday at the same place she went last year (and the same place Jaina went all those years ago!). This year, however, she'll be in preschool 5 mornings a week. She's having a bit of a tough time letting go of mommy's leg in the mornings, but has a great time once I'm in the hallway :)

She has worn a "kitty outfit" every day since she started, ears and all. And no... we are not getting a cat. Our dog would eat it.

I'm off to go get my Princess Kitty right now.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ten on Ten :: August Electronic Edition

We spent a lazy rainy day at home and the big kids were on their tablets almost all day playing Mine Craft. And you know what? I was totally okay with that. Soon we'll be back in school and my kids won't have time to crack open their tablets or turn on the TV. We'll have school all day, then dance and tumbling and baseball and photo shoots and marching band (well, Brian will have marching band stuff since he's on the exec board for the HS) and chorus and therapy.

So, for the next two days, they'll be a whole lotta this:

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Two Museums. Two Cities. Two Days.

EEK! Where has our Summer gone?

As much as my children collectively drive me crazy, I'm not ready for the end of our carefree Summer days. We still have stuff to do and cross off our bucket list!

We had planned all along to go to the Children's Museum of the Upstate in Greenville, SC since we had free passes plus it was a MOMS Club activity. However, we didn't plan on having to take Brian to the airport in Charlotte, NC last Monday. It made sense for us to visit Discovery Place since we were already in the area.

We took the kids once when Jaina was 5 and Jayce was 2. We really felt it was for older kids. And we were right. Jocelyn certainly had fun but a lot of the science stuff went over her head. Jaina and Jayce got a lot out of it, though!

There was a touch tank (in which I could not help but remember the scene from Finding Dory!) that Jayce enjoyed.

Speaking of Finding Dory... we found her.

The kids LOVED the rainforest.

Especially the "rickety old bridge".

We built shelters out of supplies. We thought we did a good job until we saw some other kids' structures a few hours later. They were impressive.

We built towers.

And rode a chair powered by air.

The current exhibit was on Rubik's Cubes. It was really fun.

They had a robot that would solve your cube for you. 

There was also a frog exhibit.

The kids laid on a bed of nails. 

Jocelyn claimed it hurt (it didn't) and scared another kid that was waiting in line behind her.

We watched a game of Rat Basketball and saw Opperant Conditioning at it's finest. 

When we got home, Jocelyn took her stuffed animal rat and started "training" it. It made this Psych degree momma proud!

We went back to the rainforest and saw this guy. He looks just like Grandpa's bird, Fuji.

I took Joce to the children's 7 and under room:

Then we watched a very, um, interesting time-lapse animated 3D movie on how watermelons grow. The photography was neat and it was interesting learning about watermelons, but none of us liked the characters in the story. Jaina and I could NOT stop laughing during the movie.

All in all, it was a good day :)

Our trip to the Greenville museum just happened to be scheduled for the next day.

Although we go there once a year, it's always fun and exciting to the kids. Jayce especially loves the paper airplane exhibit.

Jaina and Jocelyn played Bank Teller.

And of course we had to shop in the market.

And climb the wall. But Jocelyn refused to play with the veterinarian exhibit  again so I could take a picture. I guess I had picked a poor time to use the bathroom.

The wind tunnel is always fun:

As is racing cars:

While the big kids explored, Jocelyn and I went to the basement to play with the water table.

The video equipment wasn't working, but that didn't stop Viking Jayce from announcing the weather.

We loved the new outside playground!

After going back inside to rest and grab a soda at the cafe, the fire alarm went off. It wasn't a drill.

Since we only had to evacuate for about 15 minutes, I think we can all assume that the fire alarm went off accidentally.

The good news is that the place was almost empty when we went back inside. The new Gaming exhibit was fun!

I took Jocelyn to story and craft time.

We'll see you next year, Children's museum!