Girls Night In

With Brian out and about last Friday night, Jaina and I decided to pamper ourselves a bit. First, we used some Mary Kay foot spa stuff and soaked our feet. Jayce just sat by the tub and splashed a bit. I guess he's not ready to care about dry calloused feet yet :)

Then after putting Jayce down to sleep, Jaina and I had a luxurious bubble bath (sorry, no pictures!) where she pretended to shave with a bladeless razor. My four year old who wants to be 14 instead! She says she can't wait to be old enough to drive a car and other such things. My baby is growing up too fast!

We decided on the Disney movie "Robin Hood" since that was my favorite movie growing up. Jaina was very sweet to let me watch my favorite movie. She picked the snack, green grapes, and we lounged on the couch in our PJ's.

Then Gray came over to spend the night since her power was out, so Jaina and her grandma slept on the pull-out bed. It was a fun night!


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