Way too hot for June!

Normally our grass doesn't die until August. Not the case this summer! Oh well, we will have to start fresh in the fall. And win the lottery so we can purchase an underground sprinkler system!

Since its so hot, the kids have taken to indoor activities. Yesterday was Jayce's first time ever fingerpainting. He liked dipping his finger in the paint, but then didn't like the fact that his hands were messy. Poor guy! But he had fun. And thanks to it being Milliken paint, it was super easy to clean up! Jaina is becoming quite the artist. She loves to draw people the most. Its just been in the past few months that her people have become more people looking and less stick-figurish.

I wish I could say I've been scrapbooking as my indoor activity, but I haven't. I am so far behind in the kids' albums. Most of my time is spent organizing our digital pictures on our computer :)


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