Leaves are Falling All Around

Leaves are falling all around
On the housetop on the ground
Leaves are falling on my nose
On my head and hands and toes

The best thing about fall has to be the leaves changing colors! I remember the first fall living in Tucker, in 1990. I was amazed at how beautiful the scenery was, especially on the drive up to Clarksville to visit Kim's parents. Although I don't quite care for the cold, I love seeing the seasons change throughout the year.

Jayce loves to be outside now. He will slide down his little tykes slide over and over and over again until you make him go inside! Sometimes he'll take a break and go crunch in a leaf pile, as he saw his sister do the other day. He also likes to pick up a single leaf and watch it float back down. The other day, when I took most of these pictures, it was warm but windy. Jayce got so excited every time the wind blew all the leaves around! He did his little excited "happy dance" and squealed with excitement. He can also say "cold" now, and tries to shiver when he says it. At first he didn't like wearing a coat, hat, and mittens, but after we are out there a while, he doesn't mind anymore.

Jaina is learning all about Fall in school. She loves to see "naked trees" and loves to help me rake. We finally got enough leaves in our pile to jump in, which she practiced over and over again. Although she did mention that she didn't like the smell of our leaves for some reason? But that didn't stop her from jumping. The cold in the morning/hot in the afternoon is a little confusing to her and it results in switching clothes several times a day!


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