Thanksgiving 2006

To me, Thanksgiving dinner means eating roasted turkey around a huge dining room table, using nice china, surrounded by family and friends.

It is not sitting around my kitchen table, eating chicken, with just me, Brian, and the kids.

So, when I found out my step mom was not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. But, as she reminded me, this was the time to create some new holiday traditions with my family, not always rely on the old ones.

We decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at my Mother's new home here in South Carolina. Great idea, big problem though. She hasn't quite all moved in yet. And to top it off, she came down with some nasty virus that left her with a fever and aching pains. She was in bed for days before the big meal.

But, even with those obstacles, we managed to pull it off. Mom cooked the turkey (I still have yet to tackle that... maybe NEXT year!) and I did the pumpkin pies, the chocolate pudding pie, the stuffing (um, stove top!), the mashed potatoes, the green beans, the corn, the rolls.

And to make it even more like a holiday, my brother Jeff drove all the way up from Atlanta to join us for our meal.

It felt like a real holiday :)


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