Did we just buy a house?


Well, I guess techincally all we did is make an offer. I've learned that nothing is final in Real Estate until closing day. We are currently set to close on May 31st, but we possibly will be moving that date up to before Memorial Day if everything works out.

To be honest, Brian's not crazy about the house. Its such a shame because as soon as I walked inside, I knew I wanted it. I talked him into making an offer on it... "just to see what happens," I said. Well, what happened is that we beat out the other two offers by $500.

He's coming around more every day. I think by the time we move in, he'll actually like it.

I hope.
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  1. Jessie, I think you've stolen "our" house! I'm almost certain this is the one I loved which I told you about. Like I said, I usually don't prefer the sideways garages either, but looking in the front windows, the house is amazing and very much made up for any issue I had with the garage. Yeah, I hope you get it so I can walk through it. We knew it would sell before we were really ready to buy so I'm glad it's (hopefully) going to a friend!


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