Happy Birthday to Jayce

Last week, we celebrated Jayce's transition from Toddler to Preschooler (even though he's technically not going anywhere until he's three!) I can't believe my baby boy is TWO! In some ways, he's such a baby still. He loves to be held. He needs his blankie and bear and rusty to go to sleep. But then he'll out of the blue do something that shocks me and makes me realize how grown up he really is!

We had a very low-key celebration. Our good friends, The Beals, came over as well as our neighbors, the Simpsons. It was a good number for Jayce since he doesn't like big crowds or unfamiliar situations. But it still made me feel guilty because we had such a blow-out blast party for Jaina's second. Oh well. She's my social butterfly and Jayce is my slow-to-warm kid. I love them both equally :)

Jayce got a crayola sprinkler, a leappad phonics bus, a chicken car, a new Percy train, and a TMBG cd/dvd. I think they are all his favorites!

Three cheers for Dodi, Brian's coworker and the amazing job she did on Jayce's cake! She rocks!! Her cake skills always blow me away. She's made a Baby Einstein for Jayce's first birthday and she made a Barbie Mermaidia cake for Jaina last year. Not to mention the Star Wars cake she did of a storm trooper for Brian one year :) It was his favorite!

Next week, we'll have having yet another party for the kids. This one will be a combined Jaina/Jayce family party with all the grandparents there. Should be fun! It is also Jaina's dance recital day as well.


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