Pre-Halloween Part 2

One of our other Halloween traditions is to take pictures using our neighbor's gorgeous tree. We aren't lucky enough to have any trees with beautiful Fall foliage in our own yard. Our neighbor Mary Ann is incredibly sweet and says we can use her yard any time!

There was a lot of goofiness going on during this session.

Then Brian and I attended the annual Halloween Parade at Jocelyn's preschool. I was disappointed to hear that it would be inside, instead of outside, like it usually is.

Jocelyn decided to be Pinkie Pie instead of a kitty. I know her teachers are thankful for not having glitter in their classroom!

Jocelyn runs around (literally) with two other little girls at school. They all pretend they are ponies. Funny, but her sister did the same thing when she was in 3K at this same school!

That night we were able to carve our pumpkins! Brian had to do some stuff for the upcoming school board election so we were on our own. 

Jaina and Jayce picked out their own patterns and completely carved their pumpkins 100% without help.

That left me to attempt a Pinkie Pie pumpkin for my little Pinkie Pie.

How did the end results turn out?? Just stay tuned...


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