Ten on Ten: November 2015 Sun Edition

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After two and a half months of almost constant rain (and no... I'm not even kidding!), the SUN came out yesterday!!! It was a wonderful day with my kids :)

After dropping Jayce off to school, I came home and just enjoyed the sunrise.

Then it was off to take Jocelyn to pre-school:

Back home, Jaina and I enjoyed a walk together. She was playing hooky from school due to a field trip that she was not allowed to go on due to grades.

Every year, I wish my Thanksgiving Decorations were as cool as my Halloween ones.

Hi Jaina!

Little Miss ate soup for lunch and then had to get all that chicken out that was stuck in her teeth!

I forgot to take a picture at Jayce's school when we picked him up early for a dentist appointment, whoops! Look at those blue skies!!

Cavity free check ups!

Home to do homework really quickly...

A few minutes later, we all packed up in the car to take Grandma's Christmas pictures. But we were back home in less than an hour to get ready for dance.

I can't wait to share dance pictures next up on the blog!


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