Love Day 2015

I think Brian and I are the typical couple when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day. I love getting candy and flowers and getting dressed up to go out to dinner.

He doesn't.

Sigh. Sometimes I wish I married the "hearts and flowers" type. But, I got Brian and he's got mad computer skills and likes to buy new electronics, so he's not all bad.

He does, however, come through for Valentine's day.

(I think it's because he'd rather not listen to me whine!)

I absolutely love tulips. Don't get me wrong... I love roses, too. But not red roses. They never seem to last very long. Sometimes I buy myself pink or yellow roses at the grocery store to brighten my day. :)

I traditionally do not buy Brian any gifts for Valentine's Day. He doesn't really want anything and tries hard to forget that there is even a Hallmark Holiday on February 14th.

But, when our MOMS Club group offered a craft day to make etched beer glasses, I knew immediately what would be perfect.

My goof loved his glass and I think for once, he actually appreciated his Valentine's Day present.

We also celebrated at Jocelyn's preschool for her party.

Oh, and on Saturday, February 13th, I also got a new (to me) 2012 Honda Odyssey van.

But I was very quick to remind my husband that it was NOT a Valentine's present in lieu of flowers :)


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