May 2016 :: Part 2

Today is June 1st. Oh, how I love the month of June! It's not too hot, there's no more school, we usually go to the beach... it just holds so much promise!

And the best part of June? Is that the crazy month of May is OVER!!

Where did I leave off?

Oh... strawberry picking.

Good thing we picked strawberries when we did because we received days of rain afterwards. Jocelyn had been begging to go play out in the rain. Finally, we had rain with no thunder and lightening, so she could.

Her final thoughts?

"It was cold."

Well, there ya go.

The nasty rainy weather did NOT cancel our baseball games like someone was secretly hoping. Instead, we played in cold drizzle.

Then after a few wet days, the sun appeared in all of its glorious beauty.

(I know that above picture is out of focus, but I absolutely love it anyway.)

Then, there was more baseball. We were named the District 2 champs for 10U. That comes with a nifty medal!

And we joined Jayce at his last elementary school day Field Day ever.

Even though we were district champs, baseball wasn't over. We still had to play in the County tournaments. We won the first game, but lost the double elimination tournament during our double header the next night.

Then came awards day. Jaina has never requested that I attend her middle school awards ceremony but said I could come this time. Glad I did... she received 3 awards! Art, Chorus, and Library. She's totally my kid :)

Next up was Jayce's Awards Day:

He received too many awards to count. This kid rocked 5th grade with straight A's all year. He was so impressed that he got a Presidential Academic Excellence award and I was surprised he got the Gifted and Talented award!

The entire 5th grade sang for us. I have a bit on video that I will try to post later.

We will certainly miss all of the wonderful teachers, staff, and administrators at this school!

We had our 2nd annual Memorial Day Cookout with neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

You know it's a good party when you go through two pony kegs. Just sayin'.

We continued our Memorial Day tradition by tie-dying t-shirts. We all did spirals and didn't try anything crazy like mickey ears or hearts or peace signs.

We left the shirts to soak in ziploc bags and headed to Fluor Field to see the Greenville Drive Minor League Baseball team play the Charleston Rebels. This was our 10U baseball banquet.

Our boys got to be on the big screen!

And run out onto the field with the players!

Coach April handed out engraved bats this season instead of trophies, with the rule that no one could hit their siblings with them :)

It was hot, but super fun!

When we got home, we washed our shirts out.

And last night was the first family walk after dinner of the summer :) Well, some of us walked and some of us rode our scooters with a bag full of kitties :)

Come on Summer nights... we're ready for you!


  1. Well done, Jayce and Jaina! ...and of course, there's your littlest one --yay to you for bringing on the smiles!


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