4th of July Cuties for a Cause

Last year, on July 4th, Jaina participated in her very first beauty pageant. I voiced my concerns in this post, but ultimately decided to let her pursue this extracurricular activity as long as she funded it 100%.

And she has. She researches the pageants, pays me back with cash when I use my PayPal to register her, plans travel and time commitments, and shops for dresses at thrift stores. She funds all this from birthday money, babysitting jobs, and pet sitting for neighbors. I have to admit that she is doing an excellent job of managing her funds.

This time, she decided to up the ante a bit and hire a professional hair and make up artist to give her that "pageant look". I'm not a fan of this look, but this is what's "in style" in the pageant world. Jaina absolutely loved it.

Sigh. I don't like my 14 year old looking like a grown up with way too much make up on.

No pictures were allowed during the pageant, but I grabbed some before and after the event.

Jaina won Photogenic Supreme, which is a special Supreme title. She entered in 3 headshots and scored perfect 10s on all of them. I'd like to think my photography had a *bit* to do with it :)

She was thrilled! She won 3 crowns in all (Photogenic Supreme, Photogenic in her age division, and Director's Choice). Kelsey, our neighbor, won Mini Supreme, which is an awesome title!

I was happy to get Jaina home and back to her "natural state". Although she kept those fake eyelashes on because she loved them :)

I'm proud of how hard she works for her goals. She's also gained a ton of confidence from participating in these pageants.

Next up... Miss Boiling Springs Pageant preliminaries!


  1. I will come when she is in the Miss Boiling Springs Pageant. Matthew and I used to go to those a lot as he was asked to be an auditor (tallying the votes) so we got to sit at the base of the stage. Fun. Jaina is such a pretty girl but I also like to see her freckles more than all that make up!!

  2. She is gorgeous with and without the make up on! I love her freckles. Makes her look 'young'. Congrats to her!


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