Summer Bucket List :: Carowinds

I am so far behind on my blog so expect a bunch of catch up posts coming soon. However, I wanted to start with our most recent adventure: Carowinds. We love this place but only go once a year. It's 80 minutes away and pretty darn expensive if you count 5 tickets plus food all day for everyone.

Poor Jayce has been sick all week and was such a trooper. He felt okay in spurts so he did ride a few things throughout the day, but the majority of the time you could find him sitting on a bench.

Jocelyn is our resident thrill seeker. She was *just* tall enough to get a 40 inch tall bracelet (according to the Bruster's sign, she's only 39 inches!) so she could ride the Woodstock Express. It's a real roller coaster in Planet Snoopy. She rode it 3 times before one of the workers questioned whether or not she was actually tall enough. She pitched a royal fit when she was asked to leave on the 4th attempt.

As for Jaina and myself, we rode The Cyclone, The Hurler, The Ricochet, The Mine Train, and the Vortex. The Afterburn and Night Hawk's lines were too long. I made Brian go on the Intimidator with her because I'm a chicken and I hate big drops. (But I don't mind going upside down. I know... I'm weird!)

All in all, we had a good time.

All pictures from my phone:

We get a picture of Jayce every year. He's finally over 54" and he was too sick to ride any of the good roller coasters! He totally needs a do-over.

Jayce did feel well enough to go on two coasters: The Woodstock Express and the Flying Ace Aerial Chase. And I think he went on the Crabby Cabby.

He started feeling sick after the pirate ships, though.  So we went to have lunch with Snoopy.

We love Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang!

I have a picture of Brian holding Jaina at age 4 in line for this very ride :)

Guess who won at Boo Blasters? Yep... that would be MOMMY! I totally blew everyone out of the water. Brian thinks his blaster may have been broken... a likely story :)

Jocelyn wasn't tall enough for the Plants Vs. Zombies 3D ride. So I sat outside with her and let her splash in puddles. The kids said the ride was lame but I would have liked it because I absolutely LOVE PvZ. It's the only game I have on my phone.

The weather cleared up so we hit the water park. Jayce was feeling really sick by this point so he just sat in the shade. I finally convinced him to put his swimsuit on and cool off in the water. He felt better and rode on two water slides with Jocelyn. Jaina and I rode on some big ones.

Then it was Dippin' Dots time! It's a tradition. 

Brian and Jocelyn went back to Planet Snoopy while Jaina and I rode roller coasters and Jayce sat on a bench.

Jaina has been dying to do the Drop Zone, but no one would ride it with her. So she bravely went by herself.

She loved it. She is totally not my child. I don't do big drops.

Then we all met back at Planet Snoopy to ride the carousel.

We stayed for 10 hours straight and not a single kid complained about walking or not feeling well. Despite Jayce not feeling well, we did end up all having a great time.

But next year will be even better!


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