Just Swimming Right Along

Summer might be long gone, but things didn't quite calm down around here. We're still busy. But, it's a happy busy, so I'll take it.

Here's a kid update for posterity purposes...


She still wishes she doesn't have to go to school and do any work at all ever, but she's complaining far less being a student at High Point than she was last year in Dist. 2.

This year she is taking Biology, Geometry, English, Spanish, Theatre, Dance, and Geography. Here's hoping that she learns that London is not a state in New England. Seriously.

She received an outstanding grade on her Summer Reading Projects on To Kill a Mockingbird and Tuesdays with Morrie. 

She's anxiously awaiting her first report card that will hopefully be filled with all A's and B's. This will ensure that she no longer has to pay by month for her cell phone plan and she'll be able to enroll in Jazz Contemporary again. It's been a long summer filled with a lot of babysitting for her. Eh... I don't feel sorry for her. She's learned a great lesson about working hard, earning money, and earning good grades.


This guy absolutely LOVES his new school, especially since he has so many friends that are in classes with him. He's taking English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Robotics, Chorus, and PE.

He did his Summer Reading Project on The Prince and the Pauper and Auggie & Me. 

He's handling the transition to middle school with a lot more ease than I had anticipated. I think part of that is the success we've had with his latest medicine change. The other part is owed to his new school for sure.


This girl cracks me up. I believe that her preschool teachers think she only owns clothes with cats on it.

She absolutely LOVES school this year and has no separation anxiety at all! She hops out of the van with ease at drop off this year. I'm a bit sad I don't need to walk her in any more! She has so many new friends... Hawk, Maddox, and Brody are the ones I hear about the most. Sammy, Lily, and Hayden are from her class last year.

As for me, I've been super busy as usual.

Brian and I attended a wedding for dear friends who finally tied the knot! We had a blast and stayed out in Greenville until 2:30 AM!

We had the best time! As much as I complain about my goofy husband, he is fun to hang out with :)

La Leche League and MOMS Club are also keeping me busy. As well as the couple photography shoots I've had this month.

But, like I said, I'll take good busy over crazy hectic chaos busy any day :)


  1. Does Jayce like PE? Tommy has to take it in high school and HATES it with a passion.


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