Summer Grade C

Well, looking back at our Summer, we definitely had some highs and lows. Yet, overall, I think we had fun.

We had 23 items on our bucket list. We completed all but 6 activities. That gives us a grade of 74.

That's a C.

My kids will tell you that a "C" is not an acceptable grade. It means you did "okay", but didn't "try your best" or display a "good understanding of the material."

Hopefully we'll get a better grade next Summer :)

Here's what we did:

Beach at Pawleys Island:



Water Parks:


Visit Grandpa:

Greenville Drive Game:

Children's Museum:

Take Shaggy to Paisley Paw:


Tutti Fruity:

Dollar Theatre:

Kings Mountain Lake:

Downtown Spartanburg:
Barnet Fountain:

Tyger River Fountain:

We didn't make it to IHOP, Century Park in Greer, Chimney Rock State Park, Lake Lure, Cobb's Creek Pool, or The Zoo.


We did a whole lotta other fun stuff like...

Making Perry Cupcakes:

Baseball camp:

Swinging outside:


The Mall:

Lake Wylie:

The Dog Park:

As crazy as this Summer was, we are all ready for Fall. The big kids love their new school and Jocelyn loves her new class at preschool. I'm hoping for a great school year :)


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