Christmas Morning 2016

Christmas morning was magical :)

Santa had a new helper this year. He was super excited to create a magical Christmas for Jocelyn :)

I alternated taking pictures and videos with my camera. I'd say that everyone got what they wanted :)

Jaina received:
-A TV (from us)
-FairyTale Lucy Keys
-Hairbrush straightener
-Anime and Chick Flick movies
-FairyTale the Movie (from Uncle Jason)
-FairyTale Season 1 (From Monica)

Jayce got:
-Minecraft on the WiiU and Diary of a Minecraft Zombie books
-The Legend of Zelda WindWaker HD, a Zelda Hyrule Manual, and two Toon Zelda Amibos
-Darth Vader Legos
- Telescope (from us)
- Amibos for Smash Bros (Uncle Jason)
- HP books 6 & 7 (From Monica)

Jocelyn opened:
- Zoomer Kitty
- Shopkins Happy Home
- Skye's Helicopter and Tracker
- Zoomer Skye (from us)
- Jigglypuff (from Uncle Jason)
- Shopkins Burger Bistro (from Monica)

Brian and I got a new comforter and I absolutely love it!

It was a small, relaxed, wonderful Christmas with just our little family :) Perfect!


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