Pre-Christmas 2016

I call the hustle and bustle of the month of December "pre-Christmas" since we do lots of Christmasy kinds of things, even when it's not quite Christmas yet.

Like parties:

And Gingerbread House building:

And baking cookies:

Yeah, so what if they're Pillsbury pre cut cookies? That's all this tired momma could manage.

And we went to see the holiday lights at Roper Mountain:

And Gingerbread Cookie Decorating:

Now, we waited too long in the season to buy pre-made ginger bread dough, so I ended up having to make my own. It was not as tasty at all. Next year, I'll be sure to buy it in early December!

Lastly, Jocelyn and I met our friends from MOMS Club at the Chick-fil-a in town to do a present exchange. Jocelyn received a Shopkins board game from her friend Gabby.

Next up, actual Christmas!! :)


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