The Eclipse in Totality

Supposedly I saw a partial eclipse while living in Florida at the age of 7, but I have no memory of it like my husband does. So this "Eclipse Event" was pretty cool. What was even better was the Eclipse party invitation we got from our friends in Greenville since their house was in the path of totality.

Not gonna lie... it was really cool. Much better than I thought it would be. Pictures do not do it justice. The light was so odd... soft with harsh shadows. I couldn't figure out which WB setting to use and I had to change my ISO setting every few minutes.

I did not buy a special filter to use during the phases of the eclipse. I only took one picture during totality and that was good enough for me.

Jaina wasn't incredibly interested, but Jayce and Jocelyn really enjoyed it. Jocelyn asked if the sun could do it again tomorrow :)

(Sorry there are so many pictures of Jocelyn. She's the only kid that doesn't mind being followed with a camera.)

 Brian is making fun of Jocelyn and her Peace Sign pose that she always gives grandma!

And when it was over and the skies brightened again, Jocelyn said, "WOW! That was so cool!"

Couldn't agree more.


  1. You captured that lighting really well - but the best parts were the kid's faces and Brian's "restarting" shirt!

  2. Wow. The pic of the total eclipse makes me sure to get myself to a spot of totality next time. 90% eclipse just doesn't come close. It got darker like dusk on our street but not this darkness people at the totality spots saw. Glad you all had a great time!


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