New Year :: New Start

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions. But sometimes it does feel like the turning of a new year is a good time to renew. The holidays are over and there's more time to focus on goals that I may have let slide last year.

This blog would be one of them.

As the kids get older, there's less "cute" stuff to talk about here. I've always used this blog as a family scrapbook of sorts. Over the last 12 years I've documented every trip to the park, every playdate with neighbors, every school performance, every day trip to Children's Museums, every family vacation.

Jocelyn is almost 6 now and there's much fewer of those things. She's almost 6 going on 15 because she just wants to be big like her brother and sister. She doesn't watch Nick Jr or Playhouse Disney; she watches Cartoon Network and You tube. She doesn't listen to Laurie Berkner or the Bear in the Big Blue House soundtrack; her favorites are Taylor Swift and Anime intros.

I just recently browsed through all of the pictures I took of my family in 2017 in order to compile the best into a book for my Project 52. I was sad to realize that there were many weeks that I only took a handful of pictures, and most of them were of Jocelyn at that.

I've always labeled myself as a children and family photographer. Photographing reluctant teens doesn't come as naturally to me as chasing around a two-year-old to get a natural smile. So I just kind of stopped trying.

I really don't want our family scrapbook to end. Jaina may hate every picture I take of her 15 year old self right now but I'm hoping she'll appreciate them when she's 25. Or maybe when she has a teenager of her own :)

The direction of this blog is going to have to go in a new direction, plain and simple. What that direction is... well, I'm not sure.

For now, enjoy this picture of Jocelyn at the park. I know far too well that these moments are fleeting.


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