Catching Up : Random April Pictures

April was a pretty busy month! Some of our activities deserve their own posts, but these can just be lumped together.

Jayce was chosen as a "Leader of the Pack" which is like a Terrific Kid award, but just for Middle School. We went to a BSMS Student Spotlight where he was honored.

We enjoyed cool temps that weren't too cold and played chalk outside in the sunshine.

Jocelyn went through a painting phase. I honestly can't remember what she was painting in this picture. Something for LPS and her You Tube videos. She has her own channel and everything!

My husband's company that he works for had free tickets to a Greenville Drive game. It was HBCU (Historical Black Colleges and Universities) night so the Drive didn't play, but Morehouse did! Since I'm from Atlanta, of course I was pulling for Morehouse!

We had to wait forever for the trolly, so we ended up walking to Fluor Field instead.

Jocelyn had a BLAST and loved the energy from the baseball game! She danced and sang and pretty much ran amok.


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