Carowinds 2018

I'm just going to ignore the fact that I am jumping around all over the place with my blog posts! I'll probably never be caught up or blog in order. I think the most important thing is that I'm still documenting our lives :)

We went to Carowinds 2 days ago, despite the horrible weather forecast that predicted rain and clouds all day. For that reason alone, I did not bring my DSLR camera or wear comfortable shoes. I will NEVER again wear flip flops from Old Navy to walk around a theme park for 8 hours :)

Jayce did not need to be measured, since we all knew he was over 54" tall now. But it's tradition! I can't believe how big my big kids are!

Jocelyn was a hair under 44", despite us measuring her at home and the doctor at being right at 44. They gave her a yellow band. She was not happy.

For those of you who haven't been, the park is actually split between states. 

We let the big kids go off to ride The Intimidator and Brian and I took Jocelyn to Camp Snoopy. It used to be Planet Snoopy and before that it was something to do with Nickelodeon and before that, it was something about Hannah Barbara. We still call all the rides the original names from 2005 :P

Right after Brian and I snapped this picture, Jaina texted me to tell me that she almost passed out in line at The Nighthawk. I raced out of line and practically ran (the best I could in flipflops) to the entrance to the Nighthawk. A really cute teenage guy was helping her and had sent his friend to go get her water. Jayce was nowhere in sight because Jaina had told him to go ahead and stay in line to ride. I got Jaina to her feet and helped her sit on a bench to wait for Jayce. We think it was a combination of dehydration and low blood sugar since she is not prone to eating breakfast these days.

Then it was lunch at Harmony Hall with the Peanuts gang:

 Jaina was feeling better so we took Jocelyn back to Camp Snoopy.

Jayce was a friend and rode some new rides with her.

Then it was off to the water park!

Originally, the forecast said clouds and rain all day, but luckily we put our swimsuits and towels in a bag and left them in the van. Brian ran back out to get them so we could swim and do water slides.

We always have Dippin' Dots for a snack after the water park. Unfortunately, they were out of the Fury flavor that Brian likes so much :(

we got to ride a few more things before the skies completely opened up around 6 PM.

We waited out the storm for a bit in a store, then headed, with umbrellas, to the arcade.

Jocelyn had a complete and utter meltdown after Jaina spent $10 trying to win her a stuffed Pikachu. The lightening and thunder were bad now and the radar showed storms the rest of the night. We packed it up and left around 7 PM.

It was definitely a trip to remember!


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