Jocelyn's Broken Foot

Yep. Title says it all.

I picked up Jocelyn from Ninja camp after her 3rd day there, just in time for Meet The Teacher night at HES, and saw that she was limping.

She insisted she just tripped and it was fine. She cried the next day when we told her she couldn't go to camp. Her ortho appointment was at 3:30 in the afternoon.

The ortho said she needed to wear the boot for 3 weeks and then have new xrays done. I also had to run out and buy her new sneakers that same night so she could wear a sturdy shoe on her non-broken foot. She didn't go with me, but I texted a picture to Jaina to let her pick. She picked the pink ones.

And that also means that she looked like this on her first day of school:

All in all, she's been a trooper. She doesn't like to wear it (she'd rather be carried!) but she's doing okay with it.


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