Happy 15th Birthday Jayce!

My middle kid, only son, and sweetest child turned 15 on April 28th.

It wasn't a disappointing birthday despite us still sheltering in place. My birthday boy is busy saving for building his own gaming computer so we weren't planning a big party anyway. We still tried to make the day special. Jayce got to sleep in, skip school work for the day, eat Los Mexicanos take out, and enjoy some Bruster's ice cream cake.

I also managed to get some new pictures of the birthday boy! These are pretty special because he actually came down from his room and went outside to play with his sisters!

He does have a few goals for the age of 15. He is old enough to get his learner's permit now and also apply for his first job (He wants to work at Bojangles). Yet, we may be waiting until things are safer. He's not in any rush :)


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