Week Phone Dump

It's Sunday evening already and I'm bone tired. I'm trying to remember what we even did this week. Well, I know what the kids did for sure. It's called Video Games. Geometry Dash for Jayce, Animal Crossing for Jaina, Cake Wars for Jocelyn, and a whole lot of MineCraft for all 3.

Jaina also went back to work this week. I'm not really okay with it. Actually, I'm not okay with businesses opening back up when we still know so little about the virus and how it spreads. Yet, it appears I'm in the minority around here in Spartanburg.

Jocelyn was supposed to still have a week of work left to complete for 2nd grade, but we found out that the elementary schools are not doing another packet drop off. All we had to do is take a few pictures of her actually doing some school work and we were good! So, she's done and I now have a big THIRD grader in my house. Wow.

Jayce has been doing a great job keeping up with his school work. It took about 6-7 weeks of online distance learning for him to realize that it's just easier to do your couple assignments every day instead of waiting until the end of the week when they were due. Life lessons happening all around :) We pretty much only see Jayce when he comes down for food :)

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Our animals are still enjoying us being home!


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