Halloween Photo Shoot

Since starting a part time job at the Picture People portrait studio, I've probably only taken my kids in a handfull of times to get pictures done. One of the whole reasons I wanted the job was for the discount! But, you know how it goes. If I'm there all the time working, why do I want to be there when I'm not? Also, it doesn't help that Jayce *hates* getting his picture taken. I mean, HATES it. Screams bloody murder. Okay, so he's not screaming in this picture. That's only because he was trapped in the pumpkin and my manager was trying to make him smile. It was easier to take his picture then because he couldn't just walk off in the middle of our shoot. Jaina, on the other hand, did wonderfully as usual. She loves getting her picture taken. And she's really at the age where she can listen and follow more complex instructions like, "Tilt your chin down a bit" and "angle your body towards that light". But its hard getting a non-cheesy smile from her! As you can see, Jaina had decided to be Princess Jasmine, from the Disney movie "Aladdin" this year for Halloween. She seems to be keeping with the trend of years past.... Cinderella, Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and Tinkerbell. I realize, however, that I should not wish her to be done with Disney Princesses yet. I've seen what girls that are only a year or two older than Jaina want to dress up as. Believe me, I am fine with princesses. Since Jayce isn't old enough to have an opinion, Jaina got to pick Jayce's costume this year. He is dressed as a tiger... Rajah, Jasmine's tiger to be exact. My crafty mother was on the ball this year and made his costume in plenty of time for all of our halloween festivities. Jayce was just too cute dressed up as a tiger. I briefly thought about painting his face with a nose and whiskers, but nah.... too much work. Maybe for the night we actually go trick-or-treating.


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