I'm too busy

Too many times do I find myself saying to my husband, "I didn't have time today. I wasn't home at all today."

Eek. I need to slow it down some, I think. But how do I do that? Between MOMS Club functions (and I only go to about 1/2 of them!), Jayce's therapy, running errands, carting Jaina to and from school, and actually taking my kids to the park to play, I find that I'm not home much.

Of course, there are positives to this:

1. My kids are learning about the world around them
2. My kids hardly ever say they are bored
3. They tend to not get much TV time when we have busy days
4. I'm not constantly asked to play Barbie or Thomas (not that I mind once in a while, but being a kids' playmate as an adult is not as fun as one might think)

And really, the only negative I see is this:

1. I'm home long enough to make a mess, but not home long enough to clean it up :)

Obviously the pros outweigh the cons by a majority. My husband will just have to get over it!


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