Jayce funnies

As much as this precious boy of mine frustrates the heck out of me with his behavior, he never fails to make me laugh or smile throughout the day. The first thing I do is call my mom, who in turn, tells me, "You'd better be writing this down!".

So, here are some Jayce funnies to share just from today.

1. He is currently, as I type this, running over to the portable phone base, pressing the "Page" button, then running back to the handset and saying, "Say Hello! Hello! Uh-huh...yes...uh-huh...yes... goodbye! BYE! BYE! BYE!" I don't get to see him play pretend often, so this is just too cute to me!

2. Jayce has never cared what clothes he has on or wanted to choose a certain outfit. That was until Monday, when my mother brought over a red long-sleeved T-shirt from Old Navy with a Wiggles Logo (made from iron-on transfer paper) attached. He snatched it up, said, "On top??" and has worn it ever since. I finally had to put it in the washing machine today because he got into the shower fully clothed while I was washing my hair.

3. I got Jayce to repeat the phrase "Trick-or-treat" in preparation for the upcoming holiday. The first time, he would get it right. Then he would say, "Trick-or-cheese". Then he'd say, "Chuck E. Cheese". That would lead to him getting excited and thinking about going to Chuck E. Cheese :) I couldn't actually get him to say, "Trick-or-treat" while we were trick or treating the other night, but today when he ate some M and M's, he said, "Trick-or-treat" plain as day, unprompted :) He'll be all ready for next year!
I'm going to keep adding to these throughout the day or week as they come :)


  1. It's hard to keep track of all the "funnies," isn't it? Loved your Halloween pics. Yes, my mom made the costumes. She's one talented lady!


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