Thanksgiving in Florida

Day One: The drive

Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. I mean, 13 hours in a car (9:00 AM to 10:00 PM) wasn't a huge picnic by any means, but neither kid screamed the whole time :) Jaina got rather bored, even with the DVD player borrowed from Sharie. Jayce occupied himself with a new toy from the dollar store from grandma. We made too many stops for too long of a time, but we made it fine :)

Day Two:

The kids actually slept rather late... maybe 7:30 if my memory serves correctly. By nine, everyone was up (except Jeremy). But we didn't actually get dressed or moving until way after lunch time. Its a combination of being in Florida (where people sleep later and go to bed later) and being on vacation (not having anywhere to go). Melissa let Joshua skip school. The kids played very very nicely! Jayce enjoyed playing with their sliding glass doors in the kitchen.

Day Three:

Thanksgiving!! Melissa made squash casserole and I made potatoes with parsley. We drove up to Uncle David and Aunt Diane's house by 2:00 PM. I tried desperately to get Jayce to go back to sleep at her house to no avail :( My mom and I took turns being his shadow to make sure he didn't get into any trouble. He was all over the place! Diane and my cousins took all the kids on a golf cart ride around their neighborhood. Joshua and Jaina played with a remote controlled shark and diver in their pool. There were 3 turkeys... fried, smoked, and oven roasted. My favorite was the smoked! We had a great time :) We left by 6:00 pm because the kids were all exhausted from no naps.


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