Jayce's Valentine's Day Party

This post could alternately be titled, "See, I do remember that I have other kids besides a new baby!"

I know the blog has been a little Jocelyn-heavy as of late, but I'm not going to apologize for that. She's not going to be little and this easy to take photos of forever so I'm maximizing on my chance with her right now. I promise as soon as 3:00 PM rolls around after school, I am the attentive mom of three children. But when I'm home with just the baby, I can pretend that she's an only child for a few hours.

So, back to Jayce's Valentine's Day party at school:

I asked Jayce why he was being friends with Daddy and sitting on his lap, not mine or Gray's. Always practical, he answered, "Because Daddy is sitting in my chair and I have to stay at my desk. I have no where to sit except his lap!"

Ugh, sweets galore. I've noticed that the kids barely touched any of their stuff. Way too much sugar in one sitting!

Jayce passed out his valentine cards in a very interesting order. Each student has a number on their desk depending on the alphabetical order of their last name. Jayce has memorized the order of the class this way and preceded to hand out his valentines to number 1 first, then number 2, and so on. The kids do not sit in this order at all, so it took him quite a while to hand out his cards.

Excuse the no make up and bags under my eyes. I'll just blame Jocelyn for both :) Who is sleeping in a maya wrap ring sling, in case you are curious. I should have had the rings a bit higher, though, now that I'm looking at this picture. I'm still learning my ring sling.

Gray hardly ever gets to attend parties so this was a special occasion!

The kids were asked to go and sit on the rug when they were done. So Brian did.

We just love his teacher :)

It was a great party!


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