Newborn days

Every time I sit down to type out a blog post or edit pictures, my little one's sucking on her hands stops me. Its time to nurse, again, and I am more than happy to stop what I am doing to accommodate. All she knows how to do is to nurse, sleep, and poop. And the second one usually happens in my arms more often than not. I know when she gets older, I'll probably want to put her down while she sleeps independently of me, but that's not happening any time soon.

Life goes on, despite a new face in our house. Jaina has a dentist appointment today. We had a baby shower to attend yesterday and have Superbowl plans this weekend. Jocelyn has already been to two basketball games, one practice, and lunch at Chick-fil-a.

Third children are like that :)

I am thankful that she is a champ at nursing, despite how frequently she nurses. Believe me, I've been stuck on the other end with a newborn that didn't know how to latch on and didn't want to nurse more than 7 minutes every 4 hours. The stress he gave me during that phase has burned a place in my brain. So, even though I'm going through the obligatory sore nipple phase, I am so thankful that she loves to nurse and is obviously gaining weight just fine.

Shaggy, our dog, is having the hardest time adjusting to Jocelyn's arrival. He just gets a little too excited around her. My husband commented that it was the same excitement that he shows whenever he is about to chase a bunny in our back yard. I am really hoping that Shaggy does not see our newborn as a baby bunny!

Well, little miss is hungry again... let me check really quick to see if there is a picture of her re-sized on my laptop to post....


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