It seems like it was eons ago when Jayce's number on the PDD Waiver finally came up. He was 4 and a half years old at the time.

Three years later and my boy has graduated the Applied Behavioral Analysis program at HOPE Reach.

His therapists threw him a party to celebrate:

His party could have been anywhere... but he chose Chuck E. Cheese. 

Jayce and Jaina love this place.

Jocelyn had never been. This was her first experience with The Mouse.

Our team supervisor brought a friend for Jocelyn that night, too!

Jayce, we all are so proud of you! And you have a ton of therapists that are proud of you, too!

Many many thanks to all of the therapists from HOPE Reach over the years! We have made the best friendships with these ladies!

Because I waited 3 weeks to actually get these pictures posted, I can tell you that Jayce has done an amazing job transitioning from having a therapist every afternoon in our home to having none. He comes straight in from school, starts his homework, gets the timer for his reading assignment, has a snack, practices his piano, and then has free time before baseball practice. Sometimes he uses his visual schedule, sometimes not. And he's only had ONE fit. That's huge for Jayce!

It feels weird to not have Ashley or Hannah or Meg or Marley or Kimberly over every afternoon. But now we can hang out with these awesome ladies any time we want (and Jayce doesn't have to do any work!) And thanks to FB and Instagram and texting, we have kept in touch.

(Hannah, if you are looking for your picture of us, tell Chris that he needs to practice holding the camera steady! Too much blur to post the picture! LOL!)

Its been a wonderful three years with huge goals met, successes, and social gains for my boy. Let's hope he keeps it up!


  1. Congratulations to Jayce! It floors me how quickly time passes--our boys are getting so big! (Sniff.) I'm so happy for you all.

  2. YAY! Go Jayce!!!!!

  3. Woohoo! My kids also love Chuck E Cheese.

  4. Congrats Jayce! That is big news. Here's to progress. :)


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