Matchy Matchy

When I find a brand of clothes I like for my kids, I tend to stick to it. Some people without kids might not understand the incessant need to buy your daughter a new Gymboree dress at each of her birthdays, but moms of girls who like Gymboree know how it is :)

Then there was Old Navy for Jayce. Admittedly, little boys' clothes are not as fun to buy as little girls' clothes. But there was something sweet about buying little overalls for my little man.

Oh my... why did my big kids have to get so big??? I need to go hug Jocelyn right now and hold her on my lap. While she still fits on my lap.

I'm a little obsessed with Carter's brand clothing for this third kid. And since Costco carries it, that means Brian is willing to buy it. (He'll buy anything at Costco).  And hey... if you find something you like, there's no reason not to stick with it!

I know. I have serious problems.

But damn... my kids are cute.


  1. Your kids ARE cute : )
    My sister loves Carter's for her kids too.
    Adorable. I want to buy baby clothes so badly. : (
    Your book sounds good. I like the title. Maybe you will like Miss Peregrine's. A lot of people do. Just not our book club members : )

  2. I second that. Cuties! :) I love Target, mostly because it's relatively cheap and I'm there a lot. haha.

  3. I was at the Carter's outlet the other day drooling over their baby girl clothes! They really are SO CUTE!!!!


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