You can't have a birthday party without presents!

(well, actually, you can. And people do this all the time! We just went to a party where the 10 year old requested can goods to be donated to a shelter instead of presents. Isn't that cool?)

It really bothers me when parents opt to take birthday gifts home instead of letting the birthday child open in front of everyone. Look, I know the reasoning behind it and I get it.

- opening presents can be overwhelming for a child
- it puts a lot of pressure on the child to ensure the appropriate reaction
- you don't have time to savor each and every one of the gifts
- it takes up so much time at the party
- it can make young party guests feel jealous

But I still don't like it. Call me a traditionalist.

So, it was not by our choice to take Jocelyn's unopened presents home with us. The place we had her party firmly advised us against opening presents at the party.

Since our guests did not get to watch Jocelyn enjoying her gifts, I decided to take pictures of her playing with everything over the last two weeks.

Brian and I gave her a Little People Barnyard for her birthday:

My mom gave her a cute Fisher Price birthday cake set:

She received many fun toys and dolls from our friends!

And Dora. You can't forget Dora. Its almost as important as Monkey.

I then turned these photos into Thank You Notes to send out to our friends.

Thank you to everyone who made her birthday such a fun and special experience for her!

It made the fact that she turned ONE a little easier to bear :)


  1. Great card pics!

  2. That grin! She's just too precious.

  3. I am a traditionalist too! I like watching the kids open gifts--their reaction is part of the fun :) Great idea with the thank you notes!!! Where did you find that tiny radio flyer wagon? Those dora pics are awesome!


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