And There Was One Time That She Was A Pig

I went to a local children's consignment sale back in September hoping to score some Fall/Winter Minnie Mouse themed clothes in case my opinionated two-year old was still boycotting anything that didn't come from Disney.

Although I *did* find a few cute things with mouse ears, I also bought an adorable red long sleeved shirt with a cute pink pig on it. I recognized the character as Olivia, the pig from the hit TV show from Nick Jr based on the popular children's books. Since we have some of the books, it was my hope that I could one day convince Jocelyn to wear said shirt.

Through the months of September, October, and most of November, that would be a big, fat NOPE.


You get the picture.

But one morning, she woke up and said, "I want to be a pig! I want a pig shirt!"

And I had just the shirt!

She grabbed her stuffed animal pig, named Babycakes, sat down to eat her bacon, and happily put her Olivia shirt on.

Yes, the big kids did tell Jocelyn that she was, in fact, eating pig. She had no moral issue with this. She likes bacon. It tastes good. No problems.

Then she had to go get her Olivia book and read it on the floor. Keep in mind that this all took place before 7:00 AM on a week day.

Jocelyn was a pig most of the morning. Then she was Snoopy. Then she was Mickey. Then she was Minnie.

Now she has a Yo Gabba Gabba Gabba shirt that I have not been able to remove from her body since Monday afternoon. I'm sure that's a blog post in and of itself.

I love toddler fashion :)


  1. So sweet! Natalie used to love Olivia.

  2. Gotta love a little girl who loves Olivia (and Snoopy and Minnie and Mickey...)!


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