Autumn in South Carolina is a tricky thing.

We have a bit of trouble with consistent temperatures here. We'll have a week of normal (lows in the 40's and highs in the 60's), and then a week of cold front (lows in the teens and highs in the 30's), followed by a heat wave (lows in the 50's and highs close to 80). Basically, you have to be prepared for a 30 degree temperature change throughout the day no matter which weather pattern we are in.

This makes finding the peak time for Fall foliage difficult. You never know when the leaves are going to change from green to orange. Or, how long it will stay. It just takes one wind and rain storm to blow everything away.

There is a grove of trees over by my husband's work that turns into beautiful picture of bright yellow in late November. You have to be fast... they turn last and they don't last long. I happened to be over there on Friday when I had lunch with Brian and saw that a few of the trees had turned. Miraculously, Jocelyn wasn't wearing her Snoopy shirt that day.

Although the lighting was quite different from the year I took Jaina and Jayce's pictures there, I am still glad I took Jocelyn for an impromtu shoot.

I happened to drive over that way today on the way home from the library and saw that the rain last night has already taken every single golden leaf off the trees.

That was fast.

Glad I was faster :)


  1. These are gorgeous. Love the light! :) Glad you caught it!

  2. Oh, she is getting so big! And beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos! The colors look amazing! And I love that we think alike! :) Love that Jocelyn and Sabrina have matching outfits in the fall leaves!! :)

  4. What beautiful photos! Love the leaves.

  5. That second to last photo is beautiful. I hate how fall is so pretty yet so fleeting. :(


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