So, Jocelyn is going through a Snoopy Phase right now. That is, when she's not wearing Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Finn the Human stuff.

And since we only own ONE Snoopy shirt in our house (well, technically there are three but only one fits Jocelyn!), she wears it a lot.

For the most part, I don't care. There are only a few reasons why the Snoopy Shirt must come off.

1. The last three nights' dinner is on there
2. Its freezing outside and she refuses to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath
3. We are going somewhere that requires nice clothes, like a nice restaurant or a piano recital.
4. I don't feel like taking her picture, yet again, in a Snoopy shirt with ears.

It was the fourth reason that made me resort to bribery the other day. I have a picture of Jayce age 3 on my bookshelf and would like one of Jocelyn for the other frame.

This is how my request was processed.

"Jocelyn, can we go outside and take a picture?"
"No. I go outside and color chalk! I don't want a picture."
"Please? Mommy will color anything you want on the driveway after you let me take a picture."
"NO! I don't wanna take a picture. You color my friends, Mommy?"

(and by "friends", she means the annoying Yo Gabba Gabba characters that I've discovered I am NOT good at drawing with chalk or any other medium.)

"Sure, if you let me take your picture outside, I will color all of your friends."
"Toodee??? And Brobee? and Foofa? and Plex? and Muno!!!"
"Yes, Jocelyn, but we have to take your picture first."
Sigh followed by, "O-k-a-y...."

"Here, can you wear this sweater?"
"No, I wear my snoopy shirt."
"But mommy wants you to wear a sweater because its cold outside. You can take it off after the picture."

"Can I see your snoopy ears? Let's wear a hairbow for just a minute to keep your hair out of your eyes!"
"But I want my snoopy ears!!!"
"You can have them back in just a minute! Just one pretty picture for me, please??"
"And then I can have my snoopy ears?"

She sat down for about 5 seconds before getting up with the intention of taking her sweater off. I think she was going to hold me to that "one picture" thing pretty literally. Thank goodness for a fast DSLR!

The entire torture took about 2 minutes from start to finish. Negotiations took way longer.

I was a good mommy and kept my bargain. I drew 5 horribly ugly chalk characters on our driveway. Jocelyn is quite the art critic. "No, Toodee's ears don't look like that!"

Then Jayce came outside to see what we were doing. And to ask for a peanut butter sandwich.

Inspiration struck....

"Oh, sure... I'll make you one! But first, let me take your picture in your new glasses!"

Why, oh why, did I not request glare free glasses for him???

Jayce, who hates getting his picture taken, said it was totally worth it.

As you see, there are no pictures of Jaina. Non-monetary bribes don't work so well for her. She's too smart for that!


  1. love this! beautiful pictures of your cute cute kids!!


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